Appliance Care

General Kitchen Appliance & Glass Cooktop Care 

A glass ceramic cooktop gives your kitchen a sleek, modern look, especially when you keep your cooktop clean and gleaming.


Preserve your glass cooktop's beauty by cleaning it regularly and properly. Goddard's Glass Cooktop Cleaner quickly and gently removes spills and spots for a smooth, shiny finish that helps keep foods from sticking.

Protect, polish and maintain your glass cooktop with these care tips from Goddard's:

Stainless Steel is a durable and attractive addition to any home furnishing or appliance, but it requires the care of special cleaners to maintain a bright and clean shine.  Keep your stainless steel clean and beautiful with Goddard's Stainless Steel Cleaner.


  • Instantly Cleans and Shines Stainless Steel Appliances and Sinks.
  • Cleans Grease, Food Stains and Fingerprints.
  • Leaves a Deep, Rich Shine.
  • Does Not Contain Abrasive and Will Not Scratch.


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