HOW TO: Care For Your Natural Stone Floor

8th Apr 2019

Natural stone in your home is an investment to protect. Giving you many years of beautiful service. Simple care and maintenance will help preserve your stone’s beauty for generations to come.Follow th … read more

Goddard's Silver Foam

28th Aug 2014

Goddard's® Long Term Silver Pad 170gramGoddard's® Long Term Silver Pad 510grmClean and easy polishing for intricate silverMaintain that 'Just Polished' look with Goddard's silver polishGoddard’s Long … read more

Goddard's Silver Dip

28th Aug 2014

Goddard's Silver Dip 265mlSilver dip Instantly removes tarnish from silverware, silverplate, cutlery, and small silver items Quickly cleans even difficult to reach places such as between fork tines Gi … read more

Goddard's Silver Polishing Liquid

28th Aug 2014

SILVER POLISH LIQUIDNatural oxidation causes silver surfaces to tarnish, which makes them look dull and dirty. Avoid tarnishing and bring your silver to a beautiful shine with Goddard's Silver Polish. … read more