Mr. Metal All-Metal Polish 6 Pack


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Mr. Metal All-Metal Polish 6 Pack


Mr. Metal cleans, shines & protects all metal surfaces instantly. Advanced formula quickly & easily dissolves tarnish on contact, No abrasives so there is no hard rubbing or buffing, Exclusive cleaning system dissolves tarnish and grime without abrasives.


Won’t harm metal surfaces, remove ornate designs or harm clear coat metals. Safe for ALL metals. No need to buff or polish…simply wipe on and wipe off. One-of-a-kind Tarnish Guard protection leaves a protective coating that prevents tarnish and dulling and keeps metal shining longer.


Mr. Metal cleans, shines and protects - Silver, silver plate, aluminium, brass, chrome, copper, stainless steel, pewter and many more metals.

Directions for use: Apply Mr Metals with a clean, cotton cloth. Turn cloth frequently to avoid reusing soiled portion of cloth. Allow Mr. Metal to dry. Wipe with a clean cotton cloth. For ornate objects apply and rinse Mr. Metal with a wet sponge. Dry.


 A trusted product made by the same company who manufacture Goddard's.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review