Goddards Silver Dip 295ml 6 Pack Carton


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Goddard's Silver Dip 295ml 6 Pack Carton


Silver dip Instantly removes tarnish from silverware, silverplate, cutlery, and small silver items Quickly cleans even difficult to reach places such as between fork tines Gives silver a brilliant shine Just dip, rinse, and dry.

Some silver items are difficult to clean and polish because of their unique shape and size. For those items use Goddard's Silver Dip.

  • Instantly Removes Tarnish and Leaves a Brilliant Shine.Goddard's Silver Dip is easy to use.  Just dip, rinse and dry for a brilliant shine. Tarnish will dissolve away to bring out the natural beauty of your silver. The strong cleaning power of Goddard's Silver Dip is extremely effective on silver but should never come in contact with stainless steel.  We recommend reading the Helpful Tips page to learn more about the care of your fine silver and home furnishings.
  • For Silverware, Silver plate, Cutlery and Small Silver Items.
  • Cleans Even Difficult-to-Reach Places Such as Between Fork Tines.
  • Professional Cleaning Power.


  • Dip article into Goddard's Silver Dip until tarnish disappears.
  • If article is too large for dipping, swab article with a cotton ball soaked in Silver Dip.
  • Wash article in soapy water and rinse well.
  • Dry article with a soft cloth.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • For a brilliant shine, polish article with Goddard's Silver Cloth or Mitts immediately after cleaning.

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(5 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 4
    Good dipping

    Posted by tony Nicholson on 14th Dec 2016

    We were delighted to go online and find this family favourite silver cleaning after years of searching in retail outlets. Not sure why Coles and Woolworths don't stock as it really is the best for cutlery small intricate silver pieces of all types and well tarnished items.

  • 4
    Happy with the product

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2015

    After searching local supermarkets without success, happy to find this product is supplied by you. Christmas table looked special with all cutlery and service sparkling and all without expending too much elbow grease.

  • 5
    I have the cleanest silver in Sydney!!

    Posted by Julia Lever on 7th Aug 2014

    Its so easy now to keep all my silver jewellery clean so I can actually wear it.

  • 5
    The easiest and safest

    Posted by Geraldine V on 9th Dec 2013

    I have used this product for years but can no longer purchase in retail stores. I actually use a large square plastic dish and pour in about 3 or 4 bottles of the solution which means I can just put in handfuls of silverware and then straight out into bucket of hot water and detergent. So easy and quick for a quantity of cutlery and no polish residue caught in patterns. Also plenty of room for larger silverware items. When finished, I just refill the jars and store until next time.

  • 4
    Just the packaging

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Oct 2013

    This is a wonderful product that seems to be hard to find in shops now anywhere in the world. I have used it for over 30 years. What is wrong is that the pots are now not tall enough. To clean a standard large fork or spoon, it has to be immersed from both ends. It is therefore important that the pot is deep enough to immerse the fork for over half its height on each dip. The Goddard pots always used to be the right height for this but the current ones are 2-3 cm too short. Instead one has to find another container - taller but not too wide - and tip the solution into it. This is not convenient as this shape and size of jar/glass is not easy to find.